Watching bonsai develop and forming them into amazing living works of art is a fascinating and extremely rewarding pastime. Growing bonsai isn’t an expensive hobby with only a few tools required, but a fine bonsai tree can be much more of a centrepiece in your home than many an expensive ornament. A bonsai tree is a living ornament.

Bonsai Trees are container planted trees that are developed to be small versions of the full sized tree. Bonsai are grown from nearly any perennial wood stemmed trees or shrubs that grow branches and is able to develop in miniature through pot confinement with the assistance from root and crown trimming.

Bonsai can be grown from seed, from young shoots taken from the wild, (please have regard for any laws in respect of taking wild plants or trees in your region), or can be bought as mature grown bonsai. Obviously growing bonsai trees from seeds is the slowest method, but you will have total control over how your bonsai will grow.

Bonsai trees are planted in special bonsai pots that not only contain root development, but are also designed to further enhance the beauty of your bonsai. Special soils are available that provide the ideal conditions for your bonsai tree to grow in.

Many techniques are employed to shape and give unique character to your bonsai tree including trimming leaves, wiring, grafting, short term dwarfing and deadwood, (a method of aging bark). Few specialist tools are needed to shape bonsai, and these are readily available for little cost. Everything you need to get started can be easily purchased from a specialist bonsai nursery.

Bonsai trees can be had as indoor and outdoor varieties, many bonsai are improved if left outdoors in the summer and then brought inside in the winter.

For anyone that likes the idea, you can purchase artificial bonsai.

If you are considering if developing bonsai trees is right for you, I would say have a go, bonsai trees are simple to grow and maintain, take a small amount of your spare time, every bonsai is individual, and who does not admire a bonsai tree whenever they see one.